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Airport Businesses

A number of businesses have recognized the value of locating on the field at the Del Norte County Regional Airport. From air cargo and shipping to medical services, these companies have found the airport can give them access to additional markets beyond the Border Coast.



Cal-Ore Life Flight

Cal-Ore Life Flight is an award winning leader in medical transportation. Cal-Ore provides prompt, caring and dependable ground and air transportation for people in medical emergencies. Cal-Ore provides service to all in need. It does so on a self-supporting basis through user fees only. Cal-Ore receives no taxpayer subsidies.

Airport Office: (707) 465-3804

Airport Fax: (707) 465-4784


Del Norte County Ambulance

Del Norte County Ambulance is Del Norte County’s only 9-1-1 emergency ambulance service provider and have been serving the residents of Del Norte County for more than two decades.

Office: (707) 487-1116



For more information regarding Federal Express and its services please visit their corporate website.



Cal-Ore Life Flight / Reach

Cal-Ore Life Flight / Reach provides full aircraft and ground transportation services including catering requests as well as rental car facilities. Hangar facilities for most general aviation aircraft are available on a first come first served basis.

For information please call (707) 465-3804

Local Information

Transportation Security

Tourism Information

Chamber of Commerce



Airport Management Office
8am to 5pm Mon-Fri (707) 464-7288
(closed on holidays and weekends )

CalOre Lifeflight / General Aviation
(Fixed Base Operator) (707) 465-3804

Automated Weather Info
(707) 465-5458

Hertz Car Rental
(707) 464-5750

Express Auto Rental
(707) 464-1380

Comfort Cab Company
(707) 464-7788

Del Norte Taxi Service
(707) 464-6030

Del Norte Travel
(707) 464-9526

Island Travel
(707) 464-797

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